Elite Coaches Club
Application Page
This page is designed to give exceptional personal trainer's
a chance to discover the difference and be part of a crew who cares. 
If you are seeing this page it means we currently have positions
OPEN for joining the Elite Coaches Club.*
Who You Are:
- A Personal Trainer or Strength Coach with a business you're very interested in rapidly growing

- A trainer who's tired of being stuck in a time-for-money business and wants to discover the new way to run a successful personal training business

- A trainer ready to learn, implement and grow from powerful business
growth strategies that are working for Australia's most successful and emerging fitness leaders

- A trainer looking to use speaking, book authoring or workshops to significantly grow their business

- A trainer who's dedicated to personal growth and taking action upon their goals

- A trainer who is tired of all the tactics and empty promises made by most marketers online and are ready to deliver real value to the market

- A trainer who is already financially successful, but now wants more freedom in their lives and an opportunity to give back
Who You Are NOT:
- Someone wanting to make 'passive income' and not deliver real value to clients

- Someone looking to be saved by the magic bullet a quick fix

- Someone focused only on themselves and what THEY can get
So What Can YOU Expect from The Elite?
  • An incredible crew of personal trainer's and coaches re-shaping the direction of the fitness industry (for the better)
  • A highly dedicated and experience performance coach focused on your growth
  • Cutting edge strategies and systems that actually work in the field to rapidly grow your personal training business
  • World Class Guest Speakers who come in to share, speak and have fun with the team.
  • Complete clarity over where you can grow next with the personalised roadmap to get there
  • A powerful network of growth minded leaders all hungry to make an impact and all moving at a rapid pace
One last thing...
Our Club is Expensive.

We are a crew of legends dedicated to growth.

This means you must be willing (and able) to pay the price required for growth.

The universal law of sowing and reaping states that the sowing always comes before the reaping.

If you're after a cheap program that promises results but fails to follow through, then this is not it.

The fact is, we get results. Fast.
Here's how it works:
Step 1: Application
You enter your REAL email address below.
From here, I ask you a couple of simple questions to gauge where you're at on your journey and if I think we can add value to each others lives. If not, I will politely let you know. If so, you will progress to step 2.
Step 2: Interview
You will then be contacted within 24 hours to arrange a phone call with either myself or one of my team. This will help us determine where you're currently at and how best our program can serve you. This helps us maintain only the highest quality of business owners in our crew and ensures you understand the requirements.
Step 3: Acceptance
If we think you're a good match, and all check out, you will be invited to officially join our crew. From here we will get you started immediately and begin to work on your growth.

If we think you're not a good match (at the moment) we will share with you where to best get help for your current stage and invite you to apply again once you think you're ready.
 *Please note: Due to our coaching programs being highly personalised and the nature of their results, availability is scarce. Often our members stay with us for years, meaning often we'll have a waiting list.
This not only maintains a standard within the group, but also to ensure coaching is of the highest quality.
If All of This Sounds Like You And
You're Ready To See If You're Elite...

Click Below To Get Started On Your Application
and You Will Hear From Us Soon...

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