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If you're in the Fitness Industry and Ready to
STEP UP then this Message is for YOU!
Why the ELITE is the ONLY Personal and Professional Business Development Program You Will Ever Need...
Hi, it's high performance fitness business coach, Hayden Wilson, here and I just wanted to ask you a quick question, if I could?

Are you living the life you have always wanted?
Or have the realities of business begun to set in? 

Don't get me wrong, you still love what you do, and the first couple of years have been good, but deep down, you know you are destined for so much more?
If you do, just know, you are not alone. 

Every single day I speak with fitness business owners in the exact same situation.
Which made me think...I could either be part of the problem, and complain about the state of the fitness industry like most do, or I could get busy doing something about it.

So for the last few years I've been busy working on improving the industry we love.

After working on the exclusive five person team that brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to Australia in 2015 for the Arnold Classic, and working for one of the renowned private gym chains in Australia for close to four years, I knew it was time to do what I was put on this earth for....inspire others.

And ever since I made that decision, I've been working relentlessly at helping fitness professionals grow their influence, impact and income...while developing as leaders within our industry.

You see, I have a burning passion for learning and growth.
And I cannot help but share it with others.

Which means when I work with you, I REALLY work with you.

What I am about to share with you isn't some guru style program that restricts access to me, I have no interest in that, in fact, I created the Elite for exactly that reason...

You see, I was sick and tired of seeing fitness professionals, my friends, have their money taken by some penny pinching scammer selling a 12 step mentoring program with literally ZERO support.

But we will get to that.

First things first...we need to understand why you are here...

Let me guess,

You are here because deep down, you know, there is something more for you...

Something bigger than simply counting reps and fixing a few meal plans. 
I mean, hey, that stuff is fine for now....but if you had to continue doing that for the rest of your life....well, you and I both know that wouldn't end well.

You are here because you know, within your heart, that you were NOT put on this earth to simply eat, sleep, train and make a little money along the way.

Don't get me wrong, the money is nice, and we could always do with a little more (we will get to that soon), but to be honest, what drives you is not your bank balance, but instead seeing that look of empowerment and gratitude from a client and KNOWING that YOU have literally changed their life...

You are here because you have a gift.  Something special - and that something that needs to be shared with the world.

Well...guess what?

It's time...

Time to step up and show the world what you're made of...
Time to stop putting your life on hold and instead grabbing it with both hands and showing it who's boss...
Time to tell the universe you are here to stay, so get READY....You are COMING...

If this sounds like you, then.....
Welcome to the ELITE.
The Elite Coaches Club is an EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Mentoring Program for Personal Trainers and Coaches Built for One Purpose: GROWTH.
Business is hard - But you don't have to do it alone.

As a business owner, I know what it's like to have the entire business rest on your shoulders. 

I know what it's like to go to sleep at night wondering if you've got enough money for those bills, or how the hell you're going to expand when it feels like you're only just keeping it all together as it is...

I know what it's like to think how it would've been a WHOLE lot easier to get a normal job and live a normal life like a normal person...certainly would've been a lot less stressful!

But if you wanted normal, you probably wouldn't have read this far down.  

Something, so far on this page has stuck out to you.

Something that when you saw it, you knew you had to learn a little more about this whole Elite thing.

and I think I know what it is...

Those things I said before, about the business resting on your shoulders and not knowing how you're going to share your message when you constantly feel tired now....

They are ALL 100% NORMAL.

From the hundreds and thousands of personal trainers I've spoken to over the years, we all experience it...

Which is EXACTLY why I created the Elite Coaches Club.

I wanted to create something truly unique for those in the fitness industry who are ready to make an IMPACT.
Yet also wanted to do it while being surrounded by supportive, yet challenging industry leaders.

Which brings us here....

After four years of heavy industry research, spending countless hours in the trenches and making a hell of a lot of mistakes....

I've Discovered that Elite Coaches Share 6 Common Themes Within Their Successful Businesses...
Our Modules are SIMPLE, but EFFECTIVE.
They are Designed for ONE Purpose: Results.
Module 1:
Your Vision and Movement
with Hayden Wilson
Module 2:
Unpacking your IP and Packaging Solutions
with Hayden Wilson
Module 3:
10x Inner Inspiration
with JP DeVilliers
Module 4:
Inner Confidence - Speaking from Stage and to Groups
with Craig Harper
Module 5:
Customer Acquisition and Social Media Mastery
with Hayden Wilson
Module 6:
Removing Self Sabotage Mental Blockages
with Deborah Cooper
Module 7:
Understanding Human Behavior
with Dr John DeMartini
Module 8:
Customer Retention & Revenue Growth
with Hayden Wilson
Module 9:
Business Systems Management
with Hayden Wilson
Module 10:
Team Dynamics -Grow, Scale, Exit
with Dan Henderson
Module 11:
Rapid Growth Formula - Modelling the Greats
with Deborah Cooper
Module 12:
Scale and Long Term Solutions
with Hayden Wilson
Our guest speakers are some of the greatest presenters on the planet.
Throughout our journey, they will be sharing with you the wisdom, inspiration and insights into becoming your best YOU.
Here is a sneak peak at these unique individuals:
Dr John DeMartini
World's Leading Human Behavioural Expert with over 44 years experience
Deborah Cooper
DeMartini Master Certified Facilitator and Human Behaviour Expert
Jean Pierre DeVilliers
Tony Robbins Top Level Coach, Full International Speaker and Author
Craig Harper
30+ Years Coaching, Human Development and Training Knowledge. International speaker, author and coach.
Dan Henderson
Owner and Founder of 3 6+ Figure Fitness Businesses. Managed over 30 staff.
So What Can I Expect from The Elite?
Step by Step Success System
Powerful Growth Network
Practical and Actionable
Support Crew Who Get
Here's Exactly What You're In for If You Are
Accepted Into The Elite:
  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings - Hosted In Melbourne, Australia.
  • 12 Months of Highly Personalised 1-1 Performance Coaching and Mentoring with Hayden.
  • Deep Dive Strategy Consulting Sessions with Hayden.
  • Quarterly Group Roadmap Sessions to Keep You On Track.
  • Access to Elite Membership Site with Hours of Highly Valuable Training to Assist Your Growth.
  • Access to Some of the BEST Presenters from around the World who come in LIVE as Guest Speakers for an Injection of Inspiration.
  • Consistent Accountability & Focus Calls To Ensure Your Consistently on Track and are Growing.
  • Supportive Environment with Other Industry Leaders to Make Sure You Never Feel Alone.
If You Are A Coach or Personal Trainer Looking for MASSIVE Growth Over the Next 12 Months, Then This is the BEST Program You'll NEED.
Could This Be You..?
Roy Hanford
Before Elite:
- Selling PT for $60 per hour.
- Clients Constantly Cancelling and Disrespecting his Time.
-  Had a Big Vision, but No way to bring it to life.

After Elite:
- Selling Packages of $6,000+ ONLY.
- A Tribe of Dedicated Fitness Addicts who LOVE what he does.
- Waiting List to Work With Him.
- Opening a Facility in July/August.
Before Elite:
- Solo PT Working from Big Box Gym.
- Stressed and Overworked.
-  ZERO time or energy for growth.

After Elite:
- Own Facility within 9 Months.
- 3 High Performing Staff Members in Team.
- Speaker at National Events.
- Bigger Vision with No Limits.
Rochene Hawley
What Do We Expect?
The Elite Coaches Club works because the team of like minded individuals inside all respect each other.  This is not some low level program designed for you to fly under the radar or
skip out on doing the tough stuff.

This program will challenge you. It is designed to force you outside of your comfort zone
and allow you to play in your greatness.

This program changes lives.

BUT, it will only work, IF YOU DO THE WORK.

That is why before ANYONE is accepted, they must read, agree to and sign our membership creed.
This is not just our minimum standard in business - but a our minimum standard for LIFE.
This is how we live 365 days of the year...
1. We are students of life.

2. Everyday we work on ourselves.

3. We do what we say, when we say we'll do it.

4. The customer always comes first, without them, we do not exist.

5. We live true to our values even when it might upset other.

6. We move. Fast.

7. We take full responsibility. No matter what.

8. We do not let our excuses get in the way of our best life.

9. When we need help, we ask.

10. We continue doing something until it no longer serves us.

11. Dreamers dream, do-ers do.
We are do-ers.

12. We are the Elite.
Which Brings Us Here...

What Exactly Are We Looking For Inside the Elite?
Well...Let's start with what we are NOT looking for...
- We are NOT for Coaches Looking to Get Rich Quick.
- Nor are we looking for anyone not full invested in the business they currently run.
- And we certainly aren't looking for Insta-famous models who's only value in the world is posting selfies and a 12 week diet plan for $97.

What we ARE looking for is...
- Inspired Coaches with a BIG MESSAGE from within who want to share it with the world.
- Coaches who want to have the BIGGEST Impact they can, in the time they have on this planet.
- Coaches who will happily INVEST in their learning and growth, as they KNOW if they do the work, they will see a return.
If you are seeing this page, it means we currently have positions
OPEN for joining the Elite Coaches Club.*
*Please note: Due to our coaching programs being highly personalised and the nature of their results, availability is scarce. Often our members stay with us for life, meaning often we have a waiting list.
This not only maintains a standard within the group, but also to ensure coaching is of the highest quality.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
If All of This Sounds Like You And
You're Ready To See If You're Elite...

Click Below To Get Started On Your Application and We Will Speak Soon...

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